Kurrimine Beach is a fisherman’s utopia

Where else do you have a choice of beach, estuary or reef fishing all within less than 1km! Abundant species of fish and the famous painted crayfish are just waiting a couple of metres off shore.

There are plenty of species to aim for – try trolling for mackerel, tuna or giant trevally out at the reef, or line fish the bottom for coral trout, nannygai or red emperor. Spearfishing is popular too with coral trout and painted crayfish the prized catches.

Mangrove jack, finger-mark and threadfin salmon can be caught in the mangrove creeks or head to the freshwater reaches for sooty grunter and jungle perch. Don’t forget your crab pots for our mud crabs.

Even without a boat, the beach fishing is superb with species such as flathead, whiting or even a stray reef fish off one of the nearby coral bombies. King Reef comes alive on dusk – check with a local for the best spots.

For those with boats, we have two official boat ramps in town but most people use old cane farm tractors to launch boats straight off the beach. The tides can be tricky so check local conditions before you go out and avoid the green zones.