Walk the reef

The largest fringing reef on the great barrier reef!

King Reef is part of the Great Barrier Reef and is heritage listed. It features hundreds of examples of all three coral types – hard, soft and flowering. The warm, shallow waters are home to a myriad of marine life including tropical reef fish, the world-famous painted crays, manta rays, and giant clams. Our beach is a rare nesting ground for turtles and you will see many different species of turtles on King Reef.

On our winter low tides, King Reef is exposed and it is possible to walk out to explore this fascinating reef.

For reef walk dates, check out BOM tide times for Mission Beach or give us a call.

What You Need to Know:

  • This is a free self-walk experience, there are no guided tours
  • You will need to wear shoes – reef shoes work well.   Crocs and thongs do not work!
  • You will get wet!   Walk out with the outgoing tide through thigh-deep water
  • The walk to the reef is about 800m and takes 30 – 45 mins – it is a challenging walk
  • Check the time of low tide before you depart and make sure you are walking back into the beach at low tide
  • Do not be the last person out there!
  • Be careful where you are walking – stick to the sandy areas and please do not stand on the coral
  • Leave only footprints and only bring back any plastic you find out there!
  • This is not an event organised by King Reef Resort but we are happy to assist with enquiries.